You don’t have to wear a beard to be manly, but whether we’re talking biology or pop culture, the beard is a permanent symbol of manliness.

Beards never go out of fashion and they serve as a source of pride for men in every tribe, tongue, and culture the world over. Some of us can grow crazy beards. Some of us can only manage an elementary showing.

Regardless, we can all appreciate a good beard, and that’s what this post is about – a collection of mantastic beards you probably wouldn’t want but you wish you could have seen in person.

Beard photos and commentary are courtesy of Mike Miller from Smart Beard, and the top 5 feature my personal friend, known around the internet as Incredibeard.

10) Half-shaved Beard

beard1 Ok, this doesn’t look that cool, but it it’s rare to see someone actually rocking this, and that’s why I’ve included it. It’s really easy to style – in fact, there is no actual styling apart from shaving half of all your facial hair off. Crazy, yes. Style points… not so much.

9) Crazy Chin Straps

beard11 I’m not sure the time and effort is equal to the reward here. Maybe this guy just loves the a themed chin strap. I can’t be sure. I also can’t offer any tips on how to style it. I’d recommend just going to a professional and when they stop laughing, they might help you out.

8) Extreme Mustache

beard3 While this is a much easier style to acquire than the previous one, it makes going through doorways a little challenging. If you want to join this exclusive club, just grow a super long mustache and style it with a decidedly healthy amount of wax.

7) Whole Face Mustache

beard4 Why grow a normal mustache when you can grow one by pulling hair from all over your face? Just groom a long, full beard, and when it’s least expecting it, comb it all into a stashe. Shave your chin and neck to add to the emphasis of the large sweeping mustache.

6) Triple Mustache

25th Garmisch-Partenkirchen Beard Champioships To make a crazy mustache like this one, you need to grow a decent beard. Once it is long enough, style it like the picture below by forming three separate strands. Known as the triple mustache, I am assuming it’s more comfortable than the chaps face would lead us to believe in this picture.

5) Beard Bow Tie

beard6 Why spend money on buying a bow tie when you can create one with your beard? I bet you never heard that question before. It’s a shame bow tie events are so few and far between. I bet this guy can’t wait to attend another party.

4) New Year’s Eve Beard

beard7 What better way to welcome the New Year than letting your beard do the job? Next up? A beard that shoots off fireworks and holds a drink to finish out the evening.

3) Ramen Beard

beard8 Do you ever get caught short with some hot noodles and no bowl? I know it keeps happening to me, and now I see what the answer is. I need a beard that doubles up as a bowl. Now…where did I put that green tea…

2) Glasses Beard

beard9 Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Incredibeard pulls this one out of the bag. You’ll never wonder where you left your glasses again, but you may wonder why you’re not seeing an improvement in your eyesight.

1. Peace Beard

beard10 I’m an advocate for world peace, but no one listens to me. Maybe if we all let our beards do the expressing for us, we’d reach more people. A hypothetical high five goes out to this guy.


Tell us. Which beard is your favorite?

(I’m already scheming for a chance to bust out #5)



  1. Man, what a crazy article! kkkkkkkkk I’m laughing out loud! Well, if I had to choose one in the ten, I’d chose number 5 (Beard Bow Tie), because it is the less weird, besides being ellegant! kkkkkkkkkk

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