Face it, you’re wrong!

You’re wrong, I’m wrong, your brother is wrong, your mother is wrong, your hero is wrong, and everyone else you know, don’t know, or have simply heard of is wrong about God.

I may be wrong, but on this single point, I could not be more right, and unless you are willing to argue that you, or someone else on this planet, has managed to obtain a complete, perfect, and infinite understanding of God, you are compelled to agree with me.

The simple truth is that no matter what we believe about God, we are all wrong on some level. Sure, some of us must be more wrong than others, but not a man, woman, or child on this planet has grasped a perfect understanding of our Heavenly Father. So why, in the name of the Christ who sacrificed His precious blood for our sins, are we attacking our brothers and sisters for being wrong?

Forget About Unity For Just One Second

If you think this is some sort of church unity rant, attacking Christians for attacking each other, just don’t. Let’s forget about unity for a second. A united church nearly boggles the mind in terms of sheer potential, but this vision pales in comparison to a much higher calling.

What happened to love?

I love you. I love you when you’re right, and I love you when you’re wrong. Jesus loved and continues to love me perfectly in my error. He loved me so completely that even revelation of His truth, penetrating the core of my soul, is incapable of eliciting a greater love.

The Father’s heart for me beats with grace, mercy, and boundless love, just as it does for you, and just as it does for those you criticize. If He saw the sinner and stepped up onto that cross, what right do we have to pick up stones when we see a brother?

“But Jesus rebuked the sinners and the erring Pharisees,” you say. “He preached the narrow way. He condemned the material church.” Indeed He did, and He forgave the sinner, raised the dead, cast out the demons, healed the sick, and empowered His church. “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

If I Have Not Love, I Am Nothing

If I’m a sinner who spits in your face, “Love bears all things.”

If I’m a false prophet leading thousands astray, “[Love] is not irritable or resentful.”

If I’m a heretic beyond saving, “[Love] hopes all things.”

Do you have the most thorough understanding of the Father? “Love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant.”

Do you know how to do things better? “[Love] does not insist on its own way.”

Does the church infuriate you? “Love is patient and kind.”

If you do not have love, YOU HAVE NOTHING! And it breaks my heart, because the world needs your voice, the church needs your giftings, and the lost desperately need your compassion. But if you do not have love, you have nothing to offer.

Oh Father, open our eyes to see the beauty of your love for us. Let us take our eyes off of our disagreements. Let us see you in our erring brothers and sisters, in the lost made in your image, in the beauty of your creation. Let us fall down and confess that you are God, not us, and that you hold perfect truth, while we have yet to see it fully.

Made Perfect In His Likeness

As we pursue Jesus Christ, as we are changed into His likeness, we will never cease to perfect our understanding of His nature. If, in ten years, I am unable to reminisce upon my current understanding of the Great I Am and exclaim merrily, “Oh boy, was I off,” then I will consider myself to have utterly wasted a decade of my brief life.

Deep calls unto deep, faith to faith, and glory to glory. If I am inherently wrong now, as are you, and everyone else on this beautiful planet, then why, for Heaven’s glorious sake, would I ever think to criticize someone I perceive to be a bit behind me along his or her journey?

We have been bought with a price, beloveds, bought with the most sacred of prices. While we cannot help but rejoice in the empty tomb, think, for a moment, on that unfathomable love that placed our Savior upon the cross. Think of the love that picked us up out of the mud, out of the fire, out of the hopelessness of orphanhood, and placed us at the banqueting table, where His banner over me is love.

Now look again at the one you criticize, the one you’ve hated, the one you disagree with, the one you’ve seen as the source of all your problems, and then see Jesus, oh the sweetness of just His name – see Him gazing lovingly, longingly, passionately, jealously at the one you’ve hated, and let yourself be filled with that matchless love.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, you are the very air I breathe – my daily bread – my home – my love – my life. Saturate every cell of my being with your holy love, Jesus. Let me breathe your love, eat your love, sleep your love, be your love.

Thank you – Thank you Jesus


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