Some of the community here at Uncompromised Men believes in the supernatural movement of God working in modern times.

Some probably do not.

That’s okay.

We certainly see a miraculous God in scripture, and we know that He is “the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8), but many of us have probably never witnessed something undeniably miraculous in our own lives.

Is this a sign that God no longer works this way?

Or is it perhaps the result of our failure to, as Paul describes, “eagerly desire the greater [spiritual] gifts” (1 Cor 12:31)?

In the above clip, pastor Elijah Stephens describes his intent to search out medically documented miracle accounts.

He’s looking for X-rays showing fatal cancer, followed several weeks later with X-rays showing a cancer-free body.

He’s looking for scoliosis X-rays, held by testifying individuals with 100% straight backs.

Plenty of churches claim to see these things at work, but Elijah is looking for the undeniable, medically documented accounts of God at work in modern life.

I think this is pretty epic.

If it’s true… it’s true – regardless of anyone’s theology.

And if it’s not… well, he won’t find anything.

Elijah is looking for additional people who have experienced medically documented healings to be included in his documentary.

If that’s you, submit a testimony form here.

And if you’d just like to learn more about Elijah’s project, click here to learn more about Prayer Movie.