I don’t even know where to begin.

How epic is this teaser trailer for the new movie Revenant?

For starters, any time I see Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be in a movie, I’m intrigued. I haven’t enjoyed all of his movies, but 4 out of every 5 movies he does are instant classics.

Plus we have insane wilderness shots.




We have incredible, wide-angle battle shots.

We have a first-person perspective of a freaking grizzly bear attack.

We have a fight for survival.

We have an almost random interlude of a pioneer and Native American laughing as they try to catch snow in their mouth.

And we have Tom Hardy, this generation’s go-to leading dude for guaranteed manly classics.

Let’s just say I’m pumped.

This just looks like the type of movie any guy would love. And, since I’m a guy, I’m excited!