After receiving unanimously positive feedback in our recent survey, we’ve decided to jump straight into a brand new interactive feature on Uncompromised Men.

We are pleased to announce #TestimonyTuesday

This new feature will be twofold.

1. Every Tuesday, we will invite the Uncompromised Men community to submit questions and prayer requests via email (subscribe to the list) and to post testimonies on Twitter using the tags #TestimonyTuesday @UncompromisedM.

We are joining in a global trend called #TestimonyTuesday (similar to #ThrowbackThursday) where believers around the world share their testimonies. The testimony of Christ in our lives is extremely powerful, and we want to join the global Body of Christ in celebrating His goodness!

We invite all of you to join us throughout the day each Tuesday to share your testimonies and respond to those from our community and the global church. Be sure to also include the @UncompromisedM tag if you want our community to see your specific tweet!

2. Every Tuesday, we will be highlighting one of your questions, testimonies, or prayer requests in a post on Uncompromised Men (like this one).

You are all invited to offer advice, encouragement, and prayer in the comments or submit your own testimonies, questions, and prayer requests.

While an online group could never replace real-life community, we want to provide a direct line of connection for those who need or desire it. We want to stand together with each other as men!

Feel free to join in on Twitter, in the comments below, or both!

Calling All Questions, Prayer Requests, and Testimonies!

To kick things off, this is our first call for #TestimonyTuesday.

Submit your questions, prayer requests or longer testimonies via our contact form or by commenting below. Share your brief testimonies via Twitter using the #TestimonyTuesday @UncompromisedM tags.

To make it easy, we’ve included this tweet below. Just click it and then replace the testimony text with a testimony of your own!

[Tweet “My entire family is healthy! Thank you Jesus! #TestimonyTuesday”]

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

It’s gonna be a GREAT day!