What is your greatest possession?

Get a clear picture of what that is……Now ask yourself, “Why?”

Where did that possession come from? Was it something you bought? Or was it something that was given to you?

I believe we have already been given our most valuable possessions and know this can change our lives. .

Your Family: Is your family your most valuable possession? I hope it is. When you think of a valuable possession you think of its value, its significance, and it’s longevity. It’s something you want to take care of and keep in top condition. Is that your mindset with your family?

Your Mind: The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. It’s amazing to know that any change we seek to make in our lives starts with the mind. Your mind was given to you by God. Use it to create the changes you want to make in your life. What are you feeding your mind? How much TV are you pouring into your mind. I’m not saying you have to give up TV. Just take 15 minutes of your TV time and use that time to think about one change you want to make to transform your life. Then think about your plan for making that one change. Then go do it. That’s God’s plan for transformation in your life, but it is tied to your activity.

Your Body: The Bible says to treat your body like a temple. When If I had a temple I bet it would be worth a lot of money. So your body is a temple. Your body is one of the greatest possessions God has given you. How are you treating it?

TODAY: Pick one of these areas of your greatest possession. Decide to do one thing to show God you value what He has given you. Transformation starts with a thought.