Let’s talk Time Management. We all want to know how to do it better. Productivity. Efficiency. Getting stuff done. Whatever you call it, we all want to do it better. Time management is important, especially for men, because it is about taking responsibility and stewarding our world well. If we want to lead and have influence, we need to learn how to do well with what we already have. Time management is really about self management.

There are a number of general principles we can draw from in developing our own unique time management skills. In my experience working with individuals and organizations, I’ve noticed several recurring problems at the root of ineffective time management. The majority of issues come down to the inability to manage three areas: prioritization, personal boundaries and planning.

Prioritization is knowing what to say yes to. It is the art of looking at our task list and assessing what should be done first. The key with prioritising is knowing why we choose the task that we do.

Personal boundaries are about knowing who to say yes to. We all have many people in our lives that have requirements of us. These can be family, friends, partners, employers, employees or many others. Knowing who we allow to influence us, and when, will show itself by the boundaries we choose to implement.

Planning is about implementing foresight to maximise results. It is the art of looking ahead and creating time and space to carry out the tasks we have prioritised.

In short, time management is less about doing more and more about doing the right things.

I’m going to look at these three areas over the next few posts, and how they can help us manage our time better. I can’t promise silver bullets that will make everything fall into place, but there may be some tips that are helpful. Here are some principles I’ll be unpacking further:

1. Everything or everyone you say ‘yes’ to means you are saying ‘no’ to something or someone else.

2. There is a difference between what is important, and what is urgent.

3. Success in time management is impossible without a personal vision.

4. Dreams without plans are just fantasies.

5. Boundaries are a manifestation of our self-worth.

Give us your best time-management tip in the comments below!


  1. “Everything or everyone you say ‘yes’ to means you are saying ‘no’ to something or someone else.”

    That’s a great point.

  2. Good post. I look forward to hearing more. Coming up on four years of marriage, I am really just now coming to realize how difficult to can be to manage your time. Between time with God, caring for a wonderful wife, and working a full time job, that alone can take up a good chunk of time. That’s not including if you have kids, working out, or helping out at the church.

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