The Manliest Trailer of All Time

I don’t even know where to begin.

How epic is this teaser trailer for the new movie Revenant?

For starters, any time I see Leonardo DiCaprio is going to be in a movie, I’m intrigued. I haven’t enjoyed all of his movies, but 4 out of every 5 movies he does are instant classics.

Plus we have insane wilderness shots.




We have incredible, wide-angle battle shots.

We have a first-person perspective of a freaking grizzly bear attack.

We have a fight for survival.

We have an almost random interlude of a pioneer and Native American laughing as they try to catch snow in their mouth.

And we have Tom Hardy, this generation’s go-to leading dude for guaranteed manly classics.

Let’s just say I’m pumped.

This just looks like the type of movie any guy would love. And, since I’m a guy, I’m excited!

Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a professional writer, preacher, and the chief editor of Uncompromised Men. In addition to throwing down sweet lines on manly topics, he enjoys writing about theology and will absolutely steal your dignity on the basketball court. Follow him on twitter @jmcmillen89... if you dare.