How To Build Your Dream Workshop


A workshop is just about the manliest thing ever, and every guy wants to have one. Nothing says, “Get ‘r done!” like your own personal sanctuary of tools, bigger tools, and makes-really-loud-noises tools. It’s a uniquely glorious place where the sacred personalization and blissful solitude of a man cave meets the testosterone-fueled fulfillment of building stuff.

Plus, we love building stuff. If I had the equipment and materials, I’d start building random chairs, longboards, and all manner of crap right now. And then I would use my creations exhaustively for their entire five-minute lifespan, before watching those hours of labor crumble pathetically into a rugged pile of iron, steel, and mahogany.

No worries though: the joy was in the creation, the building, the fashioning with my own two hands. The product isn’t the concern because that will improve inevitably with practice. And who are we kidding, if we actually wanted a proper longboard we would have just bought one. A man’s workshop is the sanctuary where this euphoria of physical creation can be experienced on a whenever-I-feel-like-it basis. I know you want one. So let’s talk about how to build one.


1) Location, Location, Location

For starters, you simply must have the proper location. And no, a spare room attached to your home will not, I repeat NOT do. That weak crap may work for a man cave, but this is a workshop we are talking about. There absolutely MUST be concrete and metal present. Plus, your wife will never let you work if she can hear the noise loudly through your home’s paper-thin walls.

A garage will work admirably in a pinch, but then where will you park your motorcycles? The ideal home for a Gladiator-level workshop is an impeccably built, solid-as-Stallone, stand-alone work shed of some nature. If you have some extra dough, go ahead and lay a concrete foundation for that bad boy. You’ll thank me later.

2) Essential Toys

Now that we have the actual building taken care of, it’s time to fill it with toys. Your first priority is accumulating the basic set of tools that every man should own. This includes items such as screwdrivers, an ax, WD-40, a rotary tool, duct tape, a cordless drill, handsaw, level, socket wrenches, a hammer, etcetera, etcetera. The next step is to purchase or create a heavy duty workbench.

Once you have acquired these necessities, it’s time to get to the good stuff, or in other words, the big stuff that makes really loud noises. Items like a chainsaw, band saw, reciprocating saw, plunge router, orbital palm sander, and many more are the workhorses that will deliver the results we aim for. Far from a basic batch of one-size fits all tools, this selection will be finely catered to your personal goals and preferences.

3) Deco & Refreshments

After we’ve accumulated our prize collection of tools, tools, and more tools, it’s time to add the finishing touches to our pride and joy. When it comes to a workshop, electronic entertainment needs to be minimized. At most, you are allowed a quality, high-volume stereo system to put some dance in your step during the tedious portions of your endeavors.  Throw some minimalist decorations up to keep the place looking fresh.

Remember that the second most important part of any workshop is it’s refreshments capacity. Every workshop must have a working fridge stocked full of quality snacks and gloriously refreshing beverages. And that, my dear brothers, is all you need to build your own one-of-a-kind dream workshop. Get ‘R Done!

Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a professional writer, preacher, and the chief editor at Uncompromised Men. In addition to throwing down sweet lines on manly topics, he will absolutely steal your dignity on the basketball court. Follow him on twitter @jmcmillen89... if you dare.